PMG Ready-to-Fly Program for Colleges and Students

The PMG Ready to Fly program for Colleges and Students is developed to provide students the inspiration, tools, knowledge, and skills allowing them to expand their perspective beyond the limits of the traditional classroom to better equip them to meet the challenges of real industry and a professional career.

Conducted by experienced Industry Professionals with excellent academic and research background, PMG Online Training Webinars are a unique platform for Colleges and Students in field of Engineering and Management.

About the PMG Ready-to-Fly Program for Colleges and Students
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- To operate a platform to make possible sharing of knowledge and experience, earned over several years, by highly-capable and skillful industry professionals with young aspiring students for building a robust foundation for a purposeful career
- To provide low cost yet highly impactful educational and vocational learnings to students to achieve fast-growth in early career
- To network with exceptional students who can participate in various research projects, internship programs, conference sessions, and possibly full-time work positions, etc. at PMG
Need of the Program In absence of early stage student-professional interactions:
- Students lack clarity over career prospects due to being unaware of real industry needs and expectations, and end-up in frustration
- Companies are unable to identify exceptional students capable of creating enormous value in company projects and research
- As internet is stacked full with tons of information on all subjects, students cannot decide over best way to invest their attention, and end-up becoming jack-of-many-trades and master-of-none.
PMG Engineering Private Limited
The Indian Company meeting Global Standards and delivering End-to-End Engineering Design & Construction Management in Food & Beverage Industry.

College or Institution
Any registered college or university or institution, either private or government, engaged in educational activities for students

A student, who is Indian Citizen, enrolled in a full-time, part-time, or distance education program at a college or university
Benefits to Student
- Gaining formal technical knowledge, essential skills, and real world perspectives to stand out from the crowd, to increase chances of selection in the best companies and jobs
- Early stage interaction with industry professionals where all doubts and queries can be raised, discussed and resolved
- Receiving learnings and insights accrued over several years that can help make the right decision in choosing a career path / company / job position to achieve short-term and long-term success in professional life
- Based on merit, students can be campus-selected for part-time or full-time work position

Benefits to College
- Stand out on Student Offerings by incorporating an Industry Platform in partnership with the leading Engineering Design and Project Management company in India
- A differentiated value proposition contributing in building a comprehensive Students Batch Profile for superior Campus/ Offline Placements
- Foundational support in vision/ mission of College, to equip the youth for making lasting contributions in the field of Engineering, for a positive impact thousands of livelihoods
- Possibilities of extended partnerships with PMG for sponsored research projects, excellence awards, and other joint activities with faculty and students based on merit

Benefits to PMG
- Build credible and lasting partnerships with Colleges and Universities to give back to the community, in the most gratifying ways of education and knowledge transfer
- Collate a pool of young graduates for merit-based engagement in company projects, research work, part-time opportunities, etc. and build upon the Innovation Culture
- Engage our full-time and associate professionals, eager to share their vast knowledge and experience with the next generation, via next-generation platforms of knowledge delivery
- To add upon the PMG vision of “Become a trustworthy & recognized front runner in delivering engineering & project management services across engineering domain.”