Vastu Guidelines on Design of Factories

With increased industrial developmental activities, thanks to globalization and commercialization, many factories are coming up or upgrading at a rapid pace. Along with that comes challenges of maintaining or improving productivity, quality, profitability and guarding against machinery breakdown, site accidents and other disasters. Thus comes the importance of Vastu for industries – Industrial Vastu.

Vastu is an architectural concept, incorporating nature with architecture, underscoring the basic concept that five fundamental elements of nature, air, water, space, sky, and fire, should maintain symmetry in a property. By considering the measurement, design principles, ground preparation, layout, space geometry, and arrangement, Vastu determines some crucial aspects of the property. Following are the significant factors to be considered while designing the Factory.

  1. Vastu for plot shape and its slope

The first crucial factor is the plot shape – squared shape plot is considered best as per Vastu. Another most important factor is plot slope which is best if it is sloping downward to North (N) or Northeast (NE). This is mainly because the Earth’s magnetic field is from NE to SW, thus a slope towards NE gives the best advantage of the magnetic flow.

  1. Factory boundary and Office building placement

Boundary walls, as per Vastu, should be higher and thicker in the south and west than those in towards the North and East. It is since Sun’s path is from East to West via South and SW. In the afternoon when Sun is in the South and SW, there is an increase in UV radiation. Whereas lower and thinner walls in the North and East helps in absorbing beneficial infrared rays in the morning and early afternoon.

Factory building to be placed in the SW, SE, or South, as these areas are considered most auspicious and believed to bring most profitability. South and West areas in the office are not to be left vacant.

  1. Main Entrance and Office of the Owner

It is crucial to place the main entrance on the eastern wall of the compound as this plays a significant role in determining the overall Vastu of the factory.

Office of the Owner to be in South, SW, or West direction as it is considered that South can bring fame and authoritative position in the industry, whereas West is considered the direction of overall profit.

  1. Position of machinery, heating equipment and electrical controls

Machinery (heavy and light machinery), as per Vastu, are best to be placed in the SE or South zone of the factory.

Heating equipment such as boilers, transformers, electrical control panels, etc. are good to be placed in the SE zone of the factory as it is considered that this will help to reduce the ill-effects in the factory by minimizing the accident risks and machinery breakdown.

  1. Storage house of raw material and finished good

As per Vastu, it is advisable to place the raw material storage house in the East of Northeast (ENE) or East or East of Southeast (ESE) direction and the finished good storage in the NW zone of the factory. This ensures the regular flow of the finished good is maintained and thereby ensuring good profits for the company. Also, it is suggested that both the storages are never to be placed in the same zone.

  1. Temple Placement

To maintain the good Vastu in the factory, place the temple in the NE zone of the factory, which is considered as the zone of Lord Shiva. It is advisable to place a lamp in front of it which will attract good energy. Also, the area around the temple should not be cluttered.

  1. Water Structures Location

Water structures including underground water tanks, water pumps, bore wells, etc. are advised to be placed in the North or NE zone of the factory. Overhead tanks are best to be placed in the SW zone of the factory.

Septic Tank, as per Vastu, is to be placed in the West of Northwest or South of Southwest, as this ensures the containment of negative water energy.

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