Pernod Ricard – Evaporation Loss Reduction

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Apr 18 to Aug 18

  • Client

    Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd., Behror, Rajasthan, INDIA


Project Scope

Pernod Ricard is the leading global brewery manufacturer, with several owned-factories and other co-manufacturing units. In several of their Units in INDIA, they were facing the unique issue of Product Loss across the processing chain, for which they identified PMG for root cause analysis, and recommendation to minimize the same. A prototype project at Behror, Rajasthan unit was conceived to deliberate on the problem and possible solutions.

The primary cause of product loss was identified, as the exothermic dilution of GNS and CAB, two alcoholic variants, in water which was taking place in a Blending Tank, with Air Vents and Agitation. The subsequent evaporative cooling led to ~1.0% to ~1.5% of the product leaving the tank into the atmosphere.

Subsequently, PMG Team zeroed-in on the Solutions possible, and was given Turn-key job of Design, Procurement and Installation of the system, which included High Turbulence Inline Mixing and Indirect Cooling System.


PMG Deliverables

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the Product Loss issue taking place across the Product Manufacturing Line.
  • Conceptualize technically-feasible and economically-viable solutions, with recommendation, for detail discussions and review with Pernod Ricard management. The solution should not alter, or affect the existing production operations.
  • Turn-key Design, Procurement and Installation of Inline Mixing and Indirect Cooling System


Differentiated Value Creation

Alcoholic drinks industry in INDIA operates under high surveillance by the Government Customs officials, and any change in manufacturing facility demands a major compliance rework. Therefore, one of the project objectives included a modular solution, plug-and-play design, which can bring benefit without any cost of compliance overheads and production loss. Secondly, the problem wasn’t understood in technical terms, and the loss mostly cited to Handling, Cleaning and Metering Loss – and was acceptable being present across all years. Only recently, when the Losses trend was analyzed for Summer vs Winter conditions, a variation was observed, inclining the root cause to something other than generic production losses.

PMG Team was able to identify the root cause in 1-2 weeks, wherein firstly production trials were carefully conducted and monitored at each step, to (a) Identify the Loss (b) Measure the Actual Loss. Secondly, the actual losses measured were compared with the theoretically possible values as derived from from the Chemistry laws and equations. Upon unmistakable correlation, the root cause was concluded, and in next 1-2 weeks the best-case solution with scope, time, cost, and other measurable variables was presented, which quickly got approval from Pernod Ricard management.

The complete project was delivered in 8 weeks. There was some installation issues highlighted by Factory team, which were addressed in full on priority. The system performed as per design philosophy, and is under review. Upon successful delivery for consistent period of time, the concept is expected to be replicated in other Pernod Ricard units as well.