Bakery Premixes – Greenfield Project Execution

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Nov 18 to Jun 19

  • Client

    Customer, Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA

Project Scope

The customer is a recognized and premier global manufacturer of customized breaders, batters, seasonings, and functional ingredients in the food processing and food service industries. With several global manufacturing facilities across the world, the customer was setting up it’s first factory in INDIA in Vadodara, Gujarat with state-of-art machinery and plant design.

The project required high quality delivery and execution for

(a) Stainless Steel Structures (80% pre-fabricated to meet project timelines)

(b) Equipment Installation and Pipeline Fabrication

with highest standards of Construction Safety.

At PMG, we anticipated this requirement as an opportunity to couple our food industry design knowledge and experience with state-of-art pre-fabrication and site fabrication setups and resources. Not many in Indian Food Engineering domain possess the capability to prefabricate upto 80%, simply because of lack of engineering know-how and experience.

Our full time team of Safety Managers and Safety Supervisors, with experience in similar expectations at Nestle, Schreiber Foods, etc. were fully capable to understand and deliver the client expectations.

PMG Deliverables

  • ~35 Tons of Stainless Steel Structures, with 80% pre-fabrication at workshop and balance fabricated and erected at site.
  • ~90 Tons of Equipment Installation with Low Overhead Space in most locations, due to box-in-box factory concept + pre-fabricated steel structures
  • Pipeline and Pipe Rack fabrication Jobs
  • Commissioning Manpower Support

Differentiated Value Creation

Hygienic Engineering is a complex topic, which encompasses multitude of subjects – Civil, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Cleaning, Maintenance, Quality, and many more. To deliver a work scope, in a food factory, ensuring concepts of hygienic engineering and food safety required wide engineering and food-safety know-how and experience.

PMG Team having delivered engineering projects across the food sector, from liquid dairy to infant products, and to the benchmark-setters of hygienic engineering – Nestle, Mondelez, etc. understand the severity of standards against respective food product/ factory. Our team was able to understand the expectations and produce the confidence in customer over a qualified project planning and execution. A part of this exercise included pre-order visits to PMG Head Office and Fabrication Workshop.

Given our credentials and experience, we were able to deliver the complete scope meeting project objectives of Scope, Schedule, and Quality. We were also able to identify pro-actviely and absorb certain design issues, during the course of execution, without impacting the project timelines. The site and workshop team, were provided continuous support by the Head Office team, to resolve any and all issues, on war-footing.