Big Muscles – Food Supplements Unit

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Oct 19 to Oct 20

  • Client

    Big Muscles Nutrition Ltd. Faridabad


Project Scope

The project envisaged to construct a state-of-art 6TPH Dry Mixing and Packing Facility to cater to the Food Ingredients business, especially HoReCa segment, meeting the global standards on Work Safety, Food Safety, Hygienic Engineering, GMP, and Zoning principles. Using the most advanced engineering process systems (conveying, batch preparation, mixing, packing) and production environment (HVAC, Zoning, and other controls), the factory would be unparalleled with comparison to all other competitor units.

Conceptualised as a greenfield unit, only sharing the land plot with the existing Hathras Manufacturing Unit, the unit possess independent Industrial Services, Warehouses, Control Rooms, Offices, and Amenities.


PMG Deliverables

As the end-to-end Engineering Design and Project Management consultant, our work scope included

  • Concept Design (Scope, Schedule, Budget, Quality Expectations) 
  • Basic Design (Key Equipment Sizing, Master Planning, Layout Engineering, Civil Architectural Design, Techno-commercial Bids for Key Scopes)
  • Detail Design (Work Breakdown Structure, Detail Specifications and Drawings, Supplier/ Contractor Identification and Procurement, GFC Drawings)
  • Project Execution (Site Supervision and Management of Civil Works, Installation and Commissioning Works – Mechanical, Electrical and Automation)


Differentiated Value Creation

At PMG, we possess deep understanding of the Supplier and Contractor network in Food Industry, ranging from near-acceptable to best-in-class quality, and from economical scales to premium strata. Such understanding, enables us to expend Client Capex into carefully chosen project segments which create maximum overall value.

Mahaan Foods, unlike Nestle or Mondelez (or any Global MNC), didn’t have well established product brands in this particular segment. Therefore, Capex Expenditure had to be reasonable, sufficient for short-term and suitable for long-term resilience. We ,therefore, firstly prioritized the project investment into clearly identifiable scopes, to move forward on the best-return procurement policy. Secondly, we deliberated with key Suppliers in-depth on our exact requirements, which were a mix of high productivity and flexibility, given the cost of downtimes/ changeovers in recipies, but the diversity of the Ingredient-mix portfolio we were aiming at. Finally, we ensured each individual component specifications and implementation met the industry expectations and standards, fully aware that the strength of the system is defined by the weakest element.

In nutshell, we were able to fully respect the complexity and customization required in design of the facility, due to our internal breadth of knowledge, flexibility for client inputs (which are never clear on Day 1), and robust selection of individual suppliers and systems. Striving for vertical start-up of the factory, given no precedence or template, is what PMG Team brings particularly to this project, made possible by the full scale knowledge and experience in all fields related to Food Industry – Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, QA/ QC, Plant Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and others.