Balaji Formalin – Formaldehyde Unit Operations

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Aug 17 to Dec 19

  • Category


  • Client

    Balaji Formalin Ltd. Rasayani, Maharashtra, INDIA

Project Scope

The newly constructed Formaldehyde and Para-formaldehyde factory of Balaji Formalin Private Limited (Burakia Group) required a competent operational team of plant supervisors and operators, to effectively operate the SCADA-based control system. The expectations further included end-to-end responsibility of production operations, wherein management of technician work-schedules, and other daily activities were delegated to PMG under the Single-Point Operations Management solution provider concept.

PMG Deliverables

  • 24×7 Operation of Factory, achieving full-scale efficiency and productivity as envisaged in project concept.
  • Construct a team, who shall actively participate in Plant Commissioning, before taking handover as Operations Team.
  • Good Plant Upkeep and Enabling Preventive Maintenance towards high performance and low Opex of the factory.

Differentiated Value Creation

The Operations Manpower resource pool, available in India, is not reliable. Work Contract commitments are hard to come by, and even rarely adhered to. This poses a constant challenge to manufacturing industries, to keep their facilities adequately manned with skilled technicians, and continually managing with resignations, and training new staff.

PMG Team with a strong network across the Food and Beverage Industry, took this real problem as an opportunity, and crafted a quality team with necessary redundancy, along with developing strategies for consistent and positive motivation for the working group. This primarily included focusing on the short-term and long-term career of technicians, and aligning their personal and professional goals to the maximum.

The result is highly dependable Operations Management, with 24×7 manned factory, wherein the Manufacturer can solely focus on Sales and Marketing, and Production and Maintenance is robustly outsourced to PMG. The additional cost incurred on such outsourcing to PMG, is well recovered due to Low Opex, Low Administration Overheads, Reduced Plant Breakdowns, and Superior Accountability, especially the latter, as the career growth of technicians in PMG Structure depends on their performance in Balaji (Client) Environment,