To be the customer's first choice worldwide

We aspire and work towards becoming the engineering partner of choice for customers worldwide. We strive to be the world’s leading engineering group, providing optimal and sustainable solutions for food and beverage industries. With our competent people, smarter work systems, and exceptional customer interactions, we aim to be an inspirational partner to our customers.

Our Strategy

As an engineering group, PMG focuses on the development and delivery of engineering design and construction supervision services for building food processing infrastructure across the food industry domain. PMG is one of the most reputed and trustworthy brands in the food processing industry. The group is a specialist in all engineering domains related to the food industry including process, civil, mechanical, electrical, automation, plant design, quality assurance, and others. The group has systematic offerings for each stage of an engineering project: basic design, detail design, execution, and commissioning.

PMG consistently promotes an innovation-led culture thereby maintaining its engineering edge. The company considers profitability more important than volume. It is focused to serve both established companies & multinational organizations and young companies and early-stage startups. The group’s enduring success and growth is based on a number of major global trends, including changing food habits and spending pattern of a growing middle-class population, increased demand for high-quality foods and beverages, and need for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing that also conserves valuable resources.

Core Values

Safe by Choice

Everything we do at PMG, begins with Safety. We have utmost regard for the safety and well-being of people, environment and natural resources. We strive to inculcate safety behavior, enable safe-work practices, and lead by example.

First Time Quality

We believe rework, the major reason for wastage, inefficiency and poor quality, is simply unacceptable engineering. We believe in and strive for First Time Right delivery, Zero Rework and Stakeholder Alignment.

Maximize Value

We value client's capital as a one-time opportunity for a better world. We strive to derive the maximum value per unit capital, towards a profitable short-term and sustainable long term capital realization.


Every project is unique, with it's opportunities and constraints. We deliver what is required, not what we can deliver or delivered in past. We are sincere in identifying customer needs and functional requirements, before the design and execution process, to deliver viable, sustainable and result-oriented outcomes.


We design and build projects, as if they were our own. A good design is as strong as the weakest link. We are flexible, humble and pro-active to support our clients, across battery limits, to achieve the project objectives.

Reliable and Trustworthy Business

Credibility and Trust is fundamental to everything that we do, towards upholding the dignity and pride of Engineering and Engineers. We are honest, transparent, and fearless in our work and communications

General Company Policies

Internal Company Policies

Meet Our Team

Picture of Vikas Bhadauria
Principal Consultant

Vikas Bhadauria

Picture of Shimmi Sebastian
Engineering Leader

Shimmi Sebastian

Picture of Rupesh Sharma
Engineering Executive

Rupesh Sharma

Picture of Arjun Jha
Engineering Executive

Arjun Jha

Picture of Disha Sinha
Engineering Executive

Disha Sinha

Picture of Vinay Khurana
Principal Consultant

Vinay Khurana

Picture of Akash Gupta
Engineering Executive

Akash Gupta

Picture of Devender
Engineering Executive


Picture of Mohit Srivastava
Engineering Executive

Mohit Srivastava

Picture of Jestin Bose
Engineering Executive

Jestin Bose

Picture of Gautam Bhardwaj
Engineering Leader

Gautam Bhardwaj

Picture of Aman Kumar
Engineering Leader

Aman Kumar

Picture of Sushant Vadhera
Engineering Leader

Sushant Vadhera

Picture of Bhupendra Singh
Engineering Executive

Bhupendra Singh

Picture of Amir Khan
Engineering Executive

Amir Khan

Picture of Imteyaz Ali
Safety Leader

Imteyaz Ali

Picture of Aarif Khan
Engineering Leader

Aarif Khan

Picture of Sanket Gadge
Engineering Executive

Sanket Gadge

Picture of Narendra Singh
Engineering Executive

Narendra Singh