Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world

Design of Food Factories

With an experience of 100+ projects in various food categories, we are experts in the design of food manufacturing facilities. We take care of all aspects of factory design in one place including Process, Building and Civil, Utilities, Electrical and Automation, Quality Assurance, and others. Our design meets global standards on food safety and hygienic engineering. We can build new factories from ground-up, expand existing factories to add capacity and upgrade an old or non-compliant unit to best of standards.

Supervise Project Execution

Our supervision services can achieve project objectives, avoid delays and rework, and ensure adherence to food safety requirements in construction and installation. We can deploy individual engineers or teams to manage project activities including site safety, building construction, mechanical and electrical installation, process commissioning, and others. Our expertise makes-up for any deficiencies in design documents or contractor workmanship. We enable quick decisions by early escalation and resolution of issues.

Food Safety Compliance

We are experts in upgrading existing factories to comply with the requirements of Food Safety standards, Institutional/ MNC customers, and others. We enable sustainable food safety in infrastructure and operations to help manufacturers qualify for supply to Nestle, Mondelez, Abbott, and similar MNCs while strengthening their own brands. We begin with a factory infrastructure audit to identify gaps, followed by engineering to develop solutions [with scope, cost, time, benefit], procurement support to onboard right vendors, and site supervision to ensure first-time-right implementation.

Value Engineering

In a turnkey or complex project, we can work with all stakeholders to realize the highest possible project potential. Our expertise can maximize the value creation from the invested capital. We can add value in all stages of a project - basic design, detail design, project execution and project commissioning. We focus on detail design and work towards first-time quality (zero rework) by verification of deliverables of project suppliers, service providers and other consultants to incorporate best practices and avoid mistakes.

Design+Build Solutions

For clients who are looking for nothing but the very best in design, procurement and execution to set new benchmarks, we offer single window turnkey solutions. We understand that a chain is as strong as it's weakest link. Therefore, we don't cut corners, select the very best suppliers and contractors, and ensure quality project management. We take a balanced approach to adhere to industry best practices with improvisations to create new benchmarks. Ultimately, we aspire to build something we can be proud of for the rest of our lives.

Technical Training

The inherent complexity in food processing means "systems and infrastructure" alone cannot bring productivity or food safety, and no level of automation can replace the people. In a good factory, systems operate the factory, and people monitor and improve it. PMG provides technical training on all aspects of a food factory to empower people to get the best out of the factory capabilities. Our trainers have hands-on experience in both operations and projects, therefore, make the transfer of learning much easier.

End-to-End Engineering in Food and Beverage Industry with Single Point Accountability

Safe-by-Choice. First Time Quality. Stakeholder Alignment. Result Oriented Delivery. Maximize Value.