Time Management Importance and implementation

Time management help to invest time more productively and efficiently. Time management includes making a list, and then allocating time to each task from to-do list, and then scheduling those tasks in calendar. Time management is the effective use of time that prepares to plan day in such a way that work is finished, and one doesn’t have to make extra effort.

When we’re lacking good time management skills, we are more likely to,

  • Miss project deadlines
  • Produce low-quality work
  • Disrupt our work-life balance
  • Feel more stressed
  • Harm our professional reputation

Why is time Management Important

Time management is important in everyday life because it helps control workday so one can build business with effective work-life balance.

      1. Improve performance

Time management helps to focus on the essential task only. When followed a schedule, it is more likely to spend less time deciding what to work on. And hence can allocate more time to important work.

      1. Produce Better Work

When there is no pressure and one has already made a schedule that how the work shall proceed, the work output shall be more efficiency and consistent. And the end results shall be appreciated by all.

      1. Deliver work on time

Properly managing time involves managing every task on list to a specific block of time. Many people take several days to complete a project or finish it ahead of the due date to provide a buffer for any challenges that might arise. If properly scheduled, the time needed to complete work will be able to hit deadlines every time.

      1. Reduce Your Stress

This is one of the most important reasons to manage time in today’s corporate world. There is a lot of stress because of work. If time is properly managed and you are giving your deliverables on time Prioritizing tasks and giving yourself enough time to accomplish them can help reduce stress levels.

The 4 Ds of Time Management 

  1. Do

One should work on tasks that only take a few minutes to complete like answering a phone call or reverting to a phone call, answering an email, or printing a report.

  1. Defer (Delay)

Avoid wasting time on tasks that are not important as to now prioritize the task that needs to be done first.

  1. Delegate

Reassign important tasks to someone else to check their creditability and check whether they will be able to do these tasks in near future or not.

  1. Delete

Remove unnecessary tasks from schedule and focus on the important ones. This involves conscious call.

What are Time Management skills?

 Time management skills are those skills, when horned can help with time effectiveness and achieve desired results. These can help allocate time properly and complete your task more efficiently in time bound manner. Some of the most important skills related to successful time management include:

  1. Being Organized

Being organized helps you to keep track of your responsibilities and priorities, like what you need to do first and what you can take up to do last. An organized list of tasks acts as a map to guide from morning to evening and helps increase your productivity.

  1. Prioritization

Prioritization is the key to successful time management when you start prioritization your daily task. You will ensure that the most important task should be completed first. 

  1. Planning

Planning is the core of time management. With a proper plan, you can prioritize your tasks accordingly, which can help avoid confusion and unnecessary stress. A planned work schedule helps you complete the tasks in the given time frame.

  1. Delegation

It is an important process to manage multiple tasks. While managing a project/other Important work, you can delegate some of the tasks to your subordinates. This will help in reducing your workload so that you can focus more on important tasks, such as planning, business analysis, and others.


How could time management be crucial to your business?

  • It can help in sticking to deadlines.
  • Time management can often improve focus and overall efficiency.
  • Better time management can lead to fewer Problems.
  •  Good time management can lead to less stress and more freedom.
  • Time management is easier now than ever before.



Good time management helps to maintain control in life. When one start managing your time, immediate and quantitative impact can be evident. When you have control of your time, you feel more in control of your life — having control of your life gives you power and freedom, and time management helps you maintain this control.