SKM Eggs – CIP Upgradation

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Jul 16 to Sep 16

  • Client

    SKM Eggs Limited Erode India

Project Scope

SKM Eggs Limited, the largest egg processor in India, intended to bring online their critical systems like storage tanks, pasteurizers, etc. for continuous process monitoring, data logging, and historical trending to facilitate process and operational improvements. This required procurement and installation of instruments which could measure and transmit flow, temperature, conductivity, pressure, and other data. This was another step of many to move towards a more system dependent and less people dependent operation.

PMG Deliverables

To study existing operations and identify needs and requirements, especially where the value-add by capital spend on new instruments would be most beneficial.

Subsequently, PMG was assigned the responsibility to supply, install and commission the instruments on the existing SCADA System. Further we provided support on training the operations team on the usage and maintenance of the new instruments.

Differentiated Value Creation

Our team understands the standards and good practices at most of the global MNC’s like Mondelez, Nestle, Abbott, etc. Therefore, in addition to possessing the technical expertise, we deeply understand the value creation of certain technology or design in a particular context e.g. open feedback plant components (valves, etc.) may seem to deliver the same accuracy and information at lesser cost, but we understand the significant necessity and benefits of closed loop components. We believe in investing money is the right thing, not in partially-right things. As engineers, we want to be fool-proof, and not fool-oneself. We always educate our clients that money spent in partially-right things is money wasted. And therefore our study came out with recommendations on new instruments which where technologically advanced (to comply standards for next 10-15 years) and really useful (creating sufficiently value to the operations).

Sub-optimal communication and information exchange is the crux of most project failures, i.e. money spent but objectives missed. Our integrated design, procurement and execution team ensured that no detail (or communication) was missed across the spectrum. Our policy to procure from the best suppliers, install through the best contractors, and supervising everything by in-house engineering and quality assurance team culminated into meeting project objectives with first time quality and 100% stakeholder alignment.