Schreiber Dynamix – Boroscopy of Pipelines

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    March 2016

  • Category

    Turnkey Solutions

  • Client

    Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Private Limited, Fazilka, Punjab, INDIA

Project Scope

As part of the 16TPH Juice Manufacturing Unit project of Schreiber Dynamix at Fazilka, Punjab, a new Civil Building was constructed wherein approximately 500 M of SS-316 pipelines were laid underground, mostly to serve as Process Drains.

However, due to significant time interval between pipe laying and overall project installation, and the highly schedule-critical nature of the project, the Project Team decided to pro-actively ensure no blockages in the Drain Lines, which may arise due to fabrication issues or blockages, which would lead to delays during Plant Water Trials and Product Trials.

To achieve this, it was decided to conduct Boroscopy and Videoscopy of the underground pipelines, to identify and eliminate any pipeline blockages or welding issues.

PMG Deliverables

  • Conduct Boroscopy and Videoscope of Underground SS-316L Pipelines and identify any blockages or welding issues.
  • Supervise the rectification of any issues identified
  • Plan and Execute the Job within 7 days of Purchase Order
  • Submit a detailed report to the Project Team, for necessary actions

Differentiated Value Creation

A fast-tracked work execution timeline was the client’s key expectation. Leveraging the wide industry connect and accelerated decision-making process at PMG, we were able to mobilize on the 3rd day of Purchase Order. The team deployed was sufficiently manned to conduct two shift work execution, and gather all data within 24 hours. Subsequently, the data analysis and reporting was completed in 2 days, and all identified issues were resolved before the demobilization of team.

By the 6th day, the work scope was fully delivered and closed, well meeting the client’s expectations. The factory startup and commissioning did not face any delay on account of the underground pipeline issues.