Cure Foods – Supply of Juice Storage Tanks

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    May 2019

  • Category

    Engineering Design, Turnkey Solutions

  • Client

    CureFoods Ltd.

Project Scope

The Cold Pressed Juice brand Rejoov, recently acquired by CureFoods, aimed at building a new Production Facility to scale up their production volumes to 21,000 bottles / day. Previously they were operating from a kitchen-scale unit producing 2,500 bottles/ day.

Additionally, they intended to extend their shelf life from presently 3 days to 3 weeks, using the High Pressure Processing Technology. Plant automation, in stages of fruit washing, cold pressing, bottling and filling, etc. is also considered.

A description of High Pressure Processing (HPP) from one of suppliers of the machine – Hiperbaric.

A description of Rotary High Speed Rinser, Filler, Capper Machine from one of the suppliers – Hilden.

The complete project design follows Lean Principles and Uniform Flow of Materials without any cross-movement of Man and Material. The factory is divided into Hygienic Zones, with suitable HVAC systems for each zone (basic, medium, and high hygiene zones). The factory is equipped with Amenities Block, Offices, Process Lab, RM-PM-FG Warehouses, etc. Hygienic Civil Construction with full underground drainage with Acid/Alkali-proof Tiling, Double-skin Doors, UPVC fixed-glass windows, etc. is considered.

The Utilities include industrial grade Water Treatment, Air Compressors, HVAC, Chiller Units, Electrical Panels and Control, Fire Protection, CCTV and Surveillance.


PMG Deliverables

  • Project Concept Design (Production Capacities, Project Phases Planning) for Project Kick-off
  • Project Management Plans – Scope, Cost, Schedule, Quality, Resource, Safety, Quality – and approval from CureFoods Management
  • Selection and Evaluation of Land Plots for setting-up the Factory
  • Factory Master Plan, with Building and Machinery Layout
  • Process Flow Sheet and P&ID
  • Equipment Layout and Elevations, with Room Sizing
  • Equipment Design, Specifications and BOQ
    • Process Equipment
    • Industrial Services Equipment (Air Compressors, Water Treatment Plant, Chilled Water Plant, Electrical Panel, HVAC and Ducting, Fire Protection System, Drainage Network, etc.)
  • Techno-commercial Evaluation of Suppliers and Contractors
  • GFC Drawings (Civil, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)
  • Supervision of Civil Works, Equipment Installation and Commissioning Works


Differentiated Value Creation

Cold Pressed Juices is a new Product Category in Indian Market with only Raw Pressery and two minor players in the market segment. The Process an Plant design is not mature yet, and the manufacturers have been following a traditional approach to material storage, juicing, filling and packing.

The wide exposure of PMG team to overall Beverage segment and associated engineering expertise helped create insights and actionables on designing this factory for the future years, few steps ahead of present competition. This required multiple rounds of stakeholder discussions to change the mindset, from a traditional low-capex (but high opex) strategy to future-ready low-opex facility with 100% traceability, zero rework, and following principles of Lean and Food Safety.

The lack of an experienced project team with Food Industry experience was another big constraint, wherein PMG Team patiently explained all the technicalities associated with a superior design selection for the project, to several stakeholders with relatively no exposure to Food Processing Industry, towards a collaborative and learned project progress with teamwork and customer buy-in, instead of bull-dozing one’s way to decisions.

The project activities of design, procurement, installation and commissioning is anticipated to be completed in record time of 24 weeks. This has been possible due to 24×7 Live Support by PMG Team to the project concerns, ensuring no slack due to delayed decision-making.