Haldiram – Snacks Manufacturing (Flavorite)

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    October 2015

  • Category

    Engineering Design, Project Management

  • Client

    Haldiram Snacks Pvt Ltd India

Project Scope

The project aimed at relocating an existing snacks manufacturing line to a new location within a very short duration. Primarily, it encompassed planning, coordination, design and project management to (a) keep everything ready at new location for relocated setup to plug-and-play (b) fast-track yet safe dismantling of existing setup and shifting to new location (c) commissioning with vertical start-up.

The key challenges included dismantling, shifting, installation and commissioning of an old production line + timely procurement of several minor items and services required.

PMG Deliverables

  • Study the existing Flavorite Fryer and related installations and plan for the dismantling, relocation, and re-commissioning
  • Prepare BOQ for material and services, and also ensure timely procurement in coordination with Haldiram Purchase
  • Supervise the installation and commissioning activities

Differentiated Value Creation

A process line encompasses not only the process equipment, but associated industrial services (steam, chilled water, compressed air, effluent, water, electricity, hvac, and other aspects of fire protection, etc.), and therefore, moving an existing, especially old, setup is a challenging task, everything should work in tandem and integrated to deliver the outcome.

Our team of process, mechanical, electrical and food safety engineers were able to extensively understand and subsequently plan the task at hand, such that all could be taken up simultaneously, instead of sequential execution which would have taken 2-3 weeks, while we were able to complete the relocation and resume the production activities within 2 days. All this was possible due to the insight and ownership qualities of our team, which led to intensive preparation before taking shutdown.