Bikanerwala Foods – Hyderabad Unit

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    March 2019

  • Category

    Engineering Design, Value Engineering

  • Client

    Bikanerwala Foods Ltd. Hyderabad, A.P., INDIA

Project Scope

The Bikano Factory at Hyderabad was a Greenfield Project which envisaged installation of mostly automatic fryer lines for Snacks, and some lines for Sweets..

The project scope included a design of the complete Factory (6400 sq. m. Ground Floor + 3600 sq. m. First Floor) to accommodate the lines foreseen in project scope, while setting up quality Raw Material, WIP Material, and Finished Goods storage and movement plan. This also envisioned adherence to Food Safety and Hygienic Engineering standards, and therefore, required complete redesign of Man-Material Movement, Zoning, and Air Handling Systems.

PMG Deliverables

  • Production Capacity planning for all the lines, along with RM, PM, and FG Storage basis space available.
  • Process and Layout Engineering
  • Zoning, Zoning Barriers, HVAC and Ducting Design
  • Amenity Block Design (Change Rooms and Toilet Block)
  • Complete Process and Industrial Services Piping and Pipe Rack Design
  • Complete Electrical Cable and Cable Tray Layout Design
  • Civil Improvements on Floor, Wall, Partitions, Doors, Windows, Drainage, etc.

Differentiated Value Creation

The on-going facility design and operations of Bikanerwala Foods was below par, while the production and engineering resources lacked Food Industry knowledge and experience. To complicate the issue, non-technical staff and management intervened significantly in technical discussions and decision-making. Further there was a traditional habit of indecisiveness, and fear of trust, in the company management, on company resources and external consultants, including PMG.

The unprofessional concept of starting and finishing the Civil Works, before the minimal Process Design and Layout Engineering – is a recipe for disaster, but is a commonplace in the Snacks and Sweets industry, on account of management preference, seasonal product volumes, and loosely defined manufacturing processes.

Despite such unfavorable conditions for a good consultancy / engineering work, PMG Team took this as a challenging opportunity, to make a breakthrough in the mindset of one of the leading companies, in one of the most left-behind Food Industry sectors (Traditional Snacks and Sweets), with respect to Food Safety, Hygienic Engineering, Plant Design and Automation.

In 4 weeks, our team understood the on-going operations, from a production and maintenance point of view, and collated insights and actionables form the point of view of company management. Upon primary alignment, detail workings were done and submissions were made. Customary resistance and doubts arose from many of the concerned stakeholders, who wouldn’t take any ownership or responsibility but would attempt to justify their work position in the company  by silly ideas and propositions, but PMG Team resolved all with composure and maturity.

To bring together Nestle-like Plant Design and Operations concept, to a company like Bikanerwala Foods, is simply an impossible task. However, we at PMG, always worked with constructive attitude towards the goal. Because we believe in – “Aim for the Sky, even if your fail, you shall be among the Stars”.